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Emotional Strength, where inner worth, personal power and happiness are the true meaning of living


Emotional Strength has been underrated.  We have lived in a society which has accepted pain, trauma, deceit, and emotional war fare as a way to control, undermine and make others feel less than. It is through true emotional strength we are resilient to other people’s negativity, drama and perception of control. One of the most important skill set these days is to teach women how to own her emotional strength.  Now, there are those of you women, who will say, “no, no I don’t need that”.  Others that will say, “It’s no use, there is nothing I can do”.  And so the story goes of dis-empowerment. We bring that upon ourselves, and Now is the time to uncover and build your emotional strength.  In the end, your emotional strength is better for everyone.  You show up, confident, in your truth, without attachment to the outcome, unwilling to settle for other people’s version of how life “should” be. You become the woman you want to be,  free, rich and powerful. The beauty of this is….nothing comes from the outside world.  You are free, rich and powerful from the inside, out.  That is the true meaning of emotional strength.

Since it’s been underrated in it’s power, how do you learn to understand the true nature of it’s power?  Emotional strength begins within as a desire to free yourself.  Free yourself from the negativity, limiting beliefs and patterns, hurt and pain. Yes, this is a non-negotiable when claiming your emotional strength. You must be willing to let go of the story, the victim, helplessness. I’m not saying the trauma or pain isn’t hurtful, I’m saying in order to uncover and build your emotional strength you must decide to let the pain go. Let go of other people’s limiting version of how the world work. That will mean keeping some people out. It will mean standing up for yourself. It will mean owning your power to do these things.  Owning your power.  Emotional strength is the power to let go, of the struggle and pain, surrender and be willing to trust in the new.  This challenges the status quo and naysayers.  It asks you to stand up against those who emotionally attack you, the emotional warfare and it asks you to stand up to those who want to make you feel powerless.  Feel powerless is the key phrase.  You are not powerless. It is their effort to make you believe you are powerless.  Sure it takes, focus, courage, discipline and a plan to remove yourself from a situation or person that wants you to feel powerless. That’s their way of stealing your energy.

How do you become free, rich and powerful with emotional strength?  To gain emotional strength you begin putting your energy to activities that nourish you, support you and add value to your life.  This may mean reading, exercising, painting, baking, cake decorating, any activity that will remind you of your worth. Activities, and people that admire, appreciate and respect your point of view. A place where you are celebrated.  Celebrated for the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between, because the labels, judgments and stories are not the true meaning of living. Emotional maturity is valued and spiritual adulthood is the path where inner worth, personal power and happiness are the true meaning of living.  Gaining emotional strength begins with you taking actions. Actions that move you towards the feelings and experiences you want and willing to release and let go of those that don’t serve you.

I will say, one of the most beautiful things that comes from this is the way a woman owns her worth. Walking away from that which is not honoring her light, her beauty and her joy.  Sometime the miraculous happens.  The ones she walked away from, circle back into her life. Only this time, she is a changes woman, free, rich and powerful. Often they come back because they admire her strength, courage and trust.  They look to her now in a new way. With value. With Strength. And, with a willingness to open up, apologize and want to be a part of her life.

illuminating the riches within


Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


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